MANZ Winter Workshop


MANZ Winter Workshop – Builds

Motorcycling is for everyone, bikes are not only a means of transport, or a weekend plaything for the guys, riding is a seriously fun thing to do. Being on a bike and alone in your helmet gives you time to get lost in your thoughts.  Its and experience that gives a rider the ability to be involved with the countryside, you’re not just viewing the world through a glass screen as it passes you by, you are right there in it and amongst it smelling the smells, feeling the breeze and seeing the sights while being fully immerse in your surroundings.

Almost as much as riding, building special bikes is a passion for us here at MANZ, every now and again we will embark on a project bike. Something different, something old, even modifying something new. This page is dedicated to bike builds.

Have a look and see what we can do.