About Manz

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Welcome to Motorcycle Adventures New Zealand.

We are a Motorcycle rental and tour provider, we exist to help you with your New Zealand rental motorcycle and tour package needs. Our aim is to help you to tick off the things on your bucket list… you know you have one, why not live the dream?

At Motorcycle Adventures New Zealand we believe it is not always just about the destination, there are times when it has to be about the journey… our job is to help you have a motorcycle adventure that will be an experience of a lifetime.

Are you wanting to ride a motorcycle in New Zealand but don’t have access to a reliable or suitable bike? We can help.  We have a range of late model BMW and Triumph adventure bikes that will suit any level of ability, we want you to navigate around our beautiful country in comfort and with the confidence of reliability.

We can provide you with just a bike and you make it up as you go, or we can provide pre planned self-guided tours taking in the best scenery on the greatest riding roads New Zealand has to offer complete with meal and accommodation stops and of info on how to get to all the best tourist spots along the way.

Like to go the road less traveled? We can help with that too, equip your rental bike with optional GPS navigation and you can get off the beaten track and back again… no worries.

Need gear? We can do that too, flying from outside of New Zealand with bulky riding gear could be a hassle, we can kit you out with rental gear that will keep you warm, dry and safe.

We can assist you to have the best time possible with your New Zealand motorcycle adventure, no matter what your budget, our goal is to ensure you have a great holiday and a fantastic motorcycling experience in our great country.

Owen Kemp, Owner of MANZ Bikes

As owner and director of Motorcycle Adventures New Zealand I have the privilege of assisting other motorcycle enthusiasts to see our beautiful country by my favorite mode of transport… motorcycle.

I have been involved with motorcycles and with motorcycling in New Zealand since I was a young lad having caught the bug from my dad, I never got to see him ride as I was too young but there were always photographs of his exploits to look at, and stories being told to listen to and marvel at.

I have been fortunate to have traveled much of this fantastic country by motorcycle and I will never weary of seeing the sights and being immersed in the surroundings as I get about on my bike.

My dream for MANZ is to be able to provide this experience to any and all interested and enthusiastic motorcyclists, I have chosen to fill my fleet with adventure bikes as they not only able to cross countries and continents, but they can cross boundaries too.

There is a general fascination and a genuine interest from passers-by when you arrive in a town on an adventure bike, people will walk up and start chatting about where you have been and where you are going, I have made some really good friends just by parking outside cafés. Adventure bikes are a non threatening form of transport, and the general public find the riders of these bikes quite approachable, so come and ride around New Zealand on an adventure style bike from Motorcycle Adventures New Zealand…  you will have a blast.

Owen Kemp
Director – MANZ