About New Zealand

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About New Zealand

By world standards, New Zealand is a relatively small country. We are located in the south pacific about 2200 kilometers east of Australia.

The country is made up of a group of islands, there are three main islands, two large ones known as the North Island and the South Island and a small one at the southern end of the South Island called Stewart Island.

We have a population of around 4.5 million, most of whom reside in the North Island, our largest city is Auckland, our capital city is Wellington, both of these cities are on the North Island, the South Island’s largest city is Christchurch.

The South Island is also home to the Southern Alps, Queenstown, (the famous adventure/adrenalin capital of New Zealand) and to features such as Aoraki Mount Cook (New Zealand’s highest mountain) Glaciers, pristine clear lakes, and thousands and thousands of kilometers of some of the most beautiful riding roads in the world.

The climate is reasonably mild through the summer months with highs in the mid to high 20’s (Degrees Celsius) we get snow on all our mountainous areas through the winter, and we have some of the best ski fields in the world too. The snow capped peaks can remain year round creating spectacular backdrops when riding.

There are ferry services operating between the main islands and these crossings are a scenic experience all of their own, there are natural wonders aplenty all over the country from Pancake Rocks, to Moraki Boulders, bubbling mud pools to ancient Ice Glaciers, pristine sandy beaches to vibrant inner city life… for a small country there is plenty of sights and things to marvel at as you ride through.

The New Zealand people are friendly and we enjoy showing off our country, tourism is an important part of our economy so you are most welcome to come, stay and play.